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Seeed 아두이노 호환 릴레이 쉴드 V2.0 Relay shield V2.0


아두이노 릴레이 쉴드 V2.0 ( Relay shield V2.0 )

아두이노 릴레이 쉴드 V2.0

The Relay Shield utilizes four high quality relays and provides NO/NC interfaces that control the load of high current. Which means it could be a nice solution for controlling devices that couldn’t be directly controlled by Arduino’s Digital I/Os. Standardized shield form factor enables smoothly connection with the Arduino. The shield also has four dynamic indicators show the on/off state of each relay.
Note: Headers of this product is shipped unsoldered.


    • Features 
              •             Arduino/Seeeduino compatible
              •             Standardized shape design
              •             Working status indicators for each relay
              •             High quality relays
              •             Provides NO/NC interfaces
            • Cautions 
            • Place 2 layers of electrical tape on the top of theArduino's usb connector. This will prevent the relay shield from making contact. Do not operate voltage more than 35V DC.
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