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라즈베리파이 microSD 카드 아답터 - 절반크기


라즈베리파이 microSD 카드 아답터 - 절반크기

Low-profile microSD card adapter for Raspberry Pi

Low-profile microSD card adapter for Raspberry Pi


  • Make your Pi a little slimmer with this microSD card adapter board. It slides in where the SD card goes but is half the length. Pop in a microSD card for a sleeker machine. The microSD card holder is a push-push type so you can push on the edge that sticks out to remove the card when necessary. 

    MicroSD card and Raspberry Pi NOT INCLUDED. Depending on the case from various manufacturers, the microSD card adapter may not easily slide in and out or may need modifications to the PCB or actual case. The microSD card adapter is meant for a stand alone board or with use on our Pi Dish or VESA mount. It does not fit in a PiBow case, for certain. You might be able to build an Adafruit Pi Box around a Pi with the adapter inserted but it isn't a good fit and the card can't be ejected while installed and it's not recommended to be used with the Pi Box. Other cases may or may not work, so be aware before assuming that this will work with your case! 

    We also have a 'short' microSD -> SD card adapter that is 5mm longer than this adapter but isn't as thick, so it will work in any Pi case. It will also work in MacBooks, where as this adapter will not! 



Technical Details
     Protrudes from edge of Raspberry Pi 3mm with microSD card installed 

     Thickness (clearance required from bottom of Raspberry Pi): 5.5mm


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