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EL 쉴드

EL 쉴드 ( EL Shield )

EL 쉴드 ( EL Shield )
The EL Shield is another easy-to-use shield for your control of EL devices, fits with Arduino and Seeeduino. You will be able to control 4 EL devices simultaneously and separately. The controlling method is as simple as controlling an LED. Driven by PWM, it can create a colorful and florid effect by controlling each EL wire according to your own programs.


      • Inverter is not included in this product. You still need one inverter to drive your EL devices.
      • Headers of this product is shipped unsoldered.
      We recommend our custom Robust EL Inverter For EL Shield, it is able to drive EL wires as long as 15m, which provides various possibility for your design.

    • Features 
          •       4 separate control ports
          •       4 EL wire adaptor lines included
          •       Acrylic high voltage protective cap
          •       Available with DC-DC external power for greater power supply efficiency
          •       Applied with the external inverter, it can drive EL lines up to 15 meters
          •       Using optocoupler and TRIAC to control
      • Application Ideas 
            •       Room decorations
            •       Stage performances
            •       Interactive installations
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