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8x8 칼라 도트 메트릭스 - Square LED Dot


8x8 칼라 도트 메트릭스
8x8 RGB LED Matrix - Square LED Dot

8x8 칼라 도트 메트릭스 - Square LED Dot
This a new 8x8 RGB LED matrix, also compatible with Rainbowduino. Compare to the old 8x8 RGB LED matrix, this new LED matrix features square LED dot and its only half thickness. 

 8x8 칼라 도트 메트릭스

    • Features 
          •        Fully compatible with Rainbowduino
          •        Full color RGB variation
          •        Square LED point source
          •        Ultrathin
      • Specifications 
            •        Dot Size: 5.0mm
            •        Pixel Array: 8×8
            •        Luminous Intensity: 40mcd 
            •        Package Dimension: 60mm×60mm
            •        Reverse Voltage(Max): 5V 
            •        Forward Current(Max): 25mA
            •        Peak Forward Current(Max): 100mA
            •        Power Dissipation(Max): 100mW
            •        Operating Temperature(Max):-35~+85℃
            •        Storage Temperature(Max): -35~+85℃
            •       Lead Solder Temperature(Max): 260℃ for 5 seconds
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