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8x8 칼라 도트 메트릭스 - Compatible with Rainbowduino


8x8 칼라 도트 메트릭스
8x8 RGB LED Dot Matrix - Compatible with Rainbowduino

8x8 칼라 도트 메트릭스 - Compatible with Rainbowduino
Do you know how is the cool advertising display made? It is exactly composed of these small RGB LED matrix. If you want to make a similar display, this RGB LED matrix will meet you need. The 8x8 LED matrix has 32 of pins, you may need a driver to control it. It sounds quite complex, but don't worry, we have provided a driver board Rainbowduino for this LED matrix as your reference. Make it easy for you to start your project

 8x8 칼라 도트 메트릭스

    • Features 
            •        Fully compatible with Rainbowduino
            •        Full color RGB variation
            •        Circular LED point source
      • Specifications 
              •        Forward voltage(RED): DC 2.2V
              •        Forward voltage(GREEN): DC 3.3V
              •        Forward voltage(BLUE): DC 3.3V
              •        Luminous intensity(RED): 140mcd
              •        Luminous intensity(GREEN): 280mcd
              •        Luminous intensity(BLUE): 80mcd
              •        Wavelength(RED): 620~622.5nm
              •        Wavelength(GREEN): 520~522.5nm
              •        Wavelength(BLUE): 465~467.5nm
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