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티니 브레드보드 키트

티니 브레드보드 키트 ( Tiny Bread Board Kit )

Bread board or toy? Both! Bread board can also be very interesting, just like play with blocks. You can inserted these boards anywhere on its base board to build your circuit, not subject to limitation of traditional bread board. In addition, 6 distinctly different colors makes the circuit more clear.

    • Features
      • Tiny
      • 6 colors
      • Flexibility in use
    • Tiny bread board : 20x 15x 12mm
    • Base board: 132x 92x 8mm
    Packing list
    • 1 x Base board
    • 12 x Tiny bread board(each color*2)

티니 브레드보드 키트 (  Tiny Bread Board Kit )

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