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LED 아티스트 R48 ( 원형 배치된 48개의 백색 LED ) The LED Artist R48 - White LED Wearable

LED 아티스트 R48 ( 원형 배치된 48개의 백색 LED )
The LED Artist R48 - White LED Wearable


Akimitsu "The LED Artist" Sadoi is a local New York artist who designs and makes beautiful LED art. We're excited to carry his lovely new wearable designs. The R48 is a wearable LED ring, a little less than 2" diameter, that has 48 white SMD LEDs that animate and sparkle. Comes fully assembled and with a non-rechargeable CR2450 coin cell.
  • Comes with all white LEDs
  • Each R48 is fully assembled, and comes with a non-rechargeable battery (CR2450, easily replaceable).
  • Battery will typically last about 5 hours continuously.
  • Also comes with black cord (lanyard) to hang R48 around your neck.
  • 25 beautiful animation patterns preprogrammed.
  • Demo mode automatically runs though all animation patterns – changes every minute. (Activated by holding the button at the startup.)
  • Rechargeable battery (LIR2450) is also available as an option. This recommended option lights the LEDs brighter, as it has higher voltage.
  • The charger for the above is also available.
  • Dimension: 1.9 inch diameter, 0.4 inch thick (including the battery)
The videos below show the R48 in blue - the white looks just as good!



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