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EL 와이어用 2xAA 포켓 인버터 ( EL wire 2xAA pocket inverter )

EL 와이어用 2xAA 포켓 인버터
EL wire 2xAA pocket inverter

EL wire 2xAA pocket inverter



    A small, portable inverter for EL wire. Powers off of 2 AA batteries (not included!), it can drive 1 to 8 feet (about 2.5m) of our high-brightness EL wire for 10 hours. There is a button for selecting steady/blink/off modes. There's a removable clip on the back. Comes with a 2.5mm pitch female JST connector

    To connect a piece EL wire to this, you'll want a male connector wire

    The EL inverter requires a 'load' to stabilize itself. Do not run the inverter without at least 1 ft of EL wire attached! Otherwise the inverter can spike and damage itself

    Like all inverters we've used, the 2000 Hz oscillation is slightly audible. To reduce the squeaking, we suggest opening up the case padding it with thick foam tape/weatherstripping. Squirting some hot glue around the capacitors may also help. We managed to get it silent this way.

    We used this to make our awesome TRON bag


    Soldering to EL wire is a little tricky but luckily we wrote a detailed step-by-step tutorial!


Technical Details


  • Size: 101mm x 31mm x 19mm (4in x 1.25in x 0.75in)
  • Weight (without batteries): 34g (1.2oz)

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