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리튬 이온 코인 셀 베터리 충전기 ( Lithium Ion Coin Cell Charger )

리튬 이온 코인 셀 베터리 충전기

리튬 이온 코인 셀 충전기

리튬 이온 코인 셀 충전기

리튬 이온 코인 셀 충전기


  • This is a special-purpose charger just for the rechargeable LIR2450 Lithium Ion coin cells. Slide the coin cell in the right way, and plug into any USB port to recharge - so easy! Takes about 3 hours to charge up, when its done, the green DONE LED will light up to let you know.

    Rechargeable coin cell is not included, but we have 'em in the shop here

    Charging is performed in three stages: first a preconditioning charge, then a constant-current 45mA fast charge and finally a constant-voltage trickle charge to keep the battery topped-up.

    Only for use with rechargeable LIR2450 cells! Do not try to recharge non-rechargeable Lithium coin batteries! Do not charge unattended, do not charge damaged cells.

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