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12V EL wire/tape inverter

12V EL wire/tape inverter

12V EL wire/tape inverter

12V EL wire/tape inverter



  • This is an inverter for EL wire and tape, similar to our pocket inverters, except it is a brick that takes 12V input instead of 2 AA batteries. This means its good for 'fixed' installations since you can just plug it into a 12V wall adapter. It's also good for portable projects where you want to have a big battery pack like a 8xAA holder which will last 4-5 times longer than just 2xAA's. It is also more powerful, and can drive twice as much EL as the 2xAA inverter! Another nice thing about this inverter is it's a potted brick, so its quieter than the 'open' inverters with a switch.

    It's got twice the power of the 2xAA pocket inverter, you can drive up to 6 meters combined of our high brightness EL wire (20 feet), or 12 meters (40 feet) of plain EL, or up to 100 square centimeters combined of panel/tape - so either a 10x10cm square or 1 meter of 1 cm wide tape.


Technical Details


  • Size: 46mm x 28mm x 22 mm (1.8in x 1.1in x 0.9in)
  • Weight: 52g ( 1.8oz )
  • Attached cables are 27cm (11in) in length

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