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Grove - 아날로그 3축 가속도 센서 모듈 ( Grove - 3-Axis Analog Accelerometer )


Grove - 아날로그 3축 가속도 센서 모듈
( Grove - 3-Axis Analog Accelerometer )

Grove - 3-Axis Analog Accelerometer

The ADXL335 is a small, thin, low power, complete 3-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs. The product measures acceleration with a minimum full-scale range of ±3 g.
The module was designed as breakout board because ADXL335's signal is analog( more ports requested ),but the board outline is grove module that you can fix it convenient like others grove. The sensor combine 3.3 and 5V power supply,can be used in standard arduino device and seeeduino stalker.
  • Wide power range DC3V to 5V
  • Grove module
  • 3 axis sensing
  • Small, low-profile package: 4×4×1.45mm LFCSP
  • Low power 350µA at 3V (typical)
  • High sensitive
  • 10,000 g shock survival
  • BW adjustment with a single capacitor per axis
  • RoHS/WEEE lead-free compliant
For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your using of the product.
Please visit our wiki page for more information about this product. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents, add more demo code or tutorials. For technical support, please post your questions to ourforum.

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