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라즈베리파이 카메라 마운트 ( Adjustable Pi Camera Mount )

Adjustable Pi Camera Mount

Adjustable Pi Camera Mount


  • Pimoroni's adjustable Pi Camera mount is a great accessory for Pi shutterbugs. Little screws attach the Pi Camera solidly and the design allows for multiple positions. There's also a 1/4" hole that you can use to attach the camera to a standard camera tripod mount.

    Comes with a two-piece plastic bracket and 4 mini screws+hexnuts. Pi Camera is not included. Tripod not included. 1/4"-20 hexnut is not included (check your local hardware store!)

Adjustable Pi Camera Mount (2:47)

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 40.29mm / 1.58" x 28.73mm / 1.13" x 23.8mm / 0.9"

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