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BMP180 대기압 센서 모듈 ( BMP180 Barometer Module )

BMP180 대기압 센서 모듈 ( BMP180 Barometer Module )

BMP180 Barometer Module

BMP180 Barometer Module

BMP180 Barometer Module


    This BMP180 module is a neo high precision digital sensor which is compatible with BMP085 module. With the ultra low power and voltage design, the BMP180 is ideal for mobile phones, PDAs, GPS and other mobile devices. Whatsmore, its low altitude noise,high speed reaction and I2C communication are also it's advantage.

    Nowadays, there are more and more navigation devices with GPS avilable in the market. Using global positioning system can determine equipment warp/weft location, but not the altitude. This problem has been solved by the miniature and high precision pressure sensor. Bosch Sensortec developed this intelligent, super small volume, high precision digital sensors BMP180, is suitable for the high precision measurement and intelligent data acquisition, is able to output precision pressure (or altitude) data and temperature measurement data. Comaptible with the accelerometer, is able to provide reliable floor detection ability in the absence of GPS signal, and realize the three-dimensional (3d) indoor navigation.



  • Temprerature Monitoring
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Altitude Monitoring
  • 3D navigating in complex indoor spaces (with accelerometer)


  • Input voltage:5V
  • Operating temperature:-40~+85 ℃
  • Measure accuracy:0.12hPa/m
  • Interface:IIC Digital Output


Shipping List

  • BMP180 Barometric Pressure Sensor x1

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