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아날로그 전압 분배기 ( Analog Voltage Divider )

아날로그 전압 분배기 ( Analog Voltage Divider )

아날로그 전압 분배기 ( Analog Voltage Divider )

아날로그 전압 분배기 ( Analog Voltage Divider )




    The Analog Voltage Divider V2 can detect the supply voltage from 0.0245V to 25V. This module is based on resistor divider principle. The voltage detection module allows the input voltage to reduce 5 times. As the Arduino analog input voltage is normally maximum 5V, the input voltage of analog voltage detection module can not exceed 5Vx5 which is 25V.


    Notice: The new version of analog sensor port pin mapping has been changed as the following two features.Please check thetips for changing sensor cable pin mapping while using the I/O Expansion shield. We will continue to update. For the inconvenience caused, please understand.

    Inprovement List

    • Wide voltage range from 3.3V to 5V
    • Standard assembling struct (two 3mm holes with multiple of 5cm as interval)
    • Easily recognitive interfaces of sensors ("A" for analog and "D" for digital)
    • Icons to simplely illustrate sensor function
    • High quality connector
    • Immersion gold surface


  • Interface: Analog
  • Input voltage (DC): Maximum 25V, Minimum 0.0245V
  • Detects the supply voltage upto 25V
  • Size:22x30mm


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