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증기 센서 ( Steam Sensor )

증기 센서 ( Steam Sensor )

증기 센서 ( Steam Sensor )

증기 센서 ( Steam Sensor )

증기 센서 ( Steam Sensor )

증기 센서 ( Steam Sensor )


    This is a steam sensor from DFRobot. This steam sensor can be connected to the Arduino IO Expansion shield directly. The output voltage will increase when the humidity of the sensor surface goes up.



    Notice:The new version of analog sensor port pin mapping has been changed as the following two features.Please check thetips for changing sensor cable pin mapping while using the I/O Expansion shield. We will continue to update. For the inconvenience caused, please understand.

    증기 센서 ( Steam Sensor )

    Warning: The connector is not waterproof, please be careful not to put the connector directly in water.


  • Applications

    • Simple rain detector
    • Cheap steam level switch
    • Touch sensor based on humidity


  • Power supply: 3.3v or 5v
  • Output voltage signal: 0~4.5v(@5v) or 0~3.0v(@3.3v)
  • Pin definition:
  • Analog output(Blue wire)
  • GND(Black wire)
  • Power(Red wire)
  • Size: 30x20x6mm


연결 다이어그램 및 샘플코드

Shipping List

  • Steam sensor x1
  • Analog Sensor Cable x1

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